"4 1/2 stars!  A silver tongue rides a voice that flitters with the wonderful unpredictability of a butterfly and the laser precision of, well, a laser…this imaginative pop maestro’s delivery and message are so delightfully refreshing that it’s hard to remember she’s working from the pop music playbook."
--Shawn Telford, Seattle Sound Magazine

 Welcome curious listener - I've put two MP3 players below.  The first one, "From Andrea's Albums" (the one probably playing right now) is a sampling of songs from my albums over the years.  The second one "Songs From The Holiday Music Motel" is dedicated to songs I performed and co-wrote at The Holiday Music Motel (these are the badass folks who created the  Steel Bridge Song Fest which takes place every June and Dark Songs every October and Love On Holiday every February) in my home away from home: Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.  Take a spin, I hope you like! - Andrea
Buy CDs and Digital Downloads of Andrea's music from the Store Page. 
New!  In October of 2013 STEEL BRIDGE RADIO went live for the first time.  Tune in to the website to hear a non-stop offering of stellar original songs all created at The Holiday Music Motel (during the songwriting festivals Steel Bridge Fest, Dark Songs and Love on Holiday).  To my knowledge it is the only radio station that is broadcasting uniquely it's own musical content.